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Carmela Value Proposition

Learn what Carmela is doing to build an iconic brand

Our Mission

The Mission of Carmela Coffee is the creation of a differentiated and innovative customer experience within the hospitality, and in particular, the coffee industry. We are compelled to provide our customers a distinctive and healthy gastronomic experience, through creations that look upon the desires, wishes and needs of busy but informed consumers. We achieve this through a creative, cheerful and respectful work environment in which employees are justly compensated and stimulated to respect and respond to our established standards of service and customer satisfaction.

Our Reason for Being

Our Vision

We want Carmela Coffee Company to be a home away from home for our customers where they share life-events, enjoying our creations, our coffee and above all the welcome and comfort of an inviting environment. We are creating a movement, not just a coffee brand, that will grow beyond the frontiers of our birth state, becoming regional and national as far as our dreams take us.

The Future is Ours

Our Brand Commitment

Carmela Coffee Company’s brand policies are based on principles of Ethics, Organization and Social Responsibility. We grow, import and roast our own coffee. Carmela is rigorous in promoting and responding to the needs of the environment at all levels of production, operations and service.


Our Promise

A memorable experience just doesn’t happen by chance, it requires dedication, time, and resources – above all, it is a labor of love.


Focused On Customer Experience

Cater to the Senses

The enthusiastic response of the consumer to our menu has demonstrated that creativity, uniqueness and differentiation are the most sought-after attributes by demanding consumers. We look to cater to their senses with healthy and fresh food, prioritizing in-house or locally sourced products.

Service Excellence

We practice the 360 approach to customer service, where every customer comes to our stores wishing they are going to be timely, rightly and purposely served. At Carmela we are committed to go the extra mile for our customers. It will build loyalty and most sure the sharing of the experience.

Social Media Marketing

We are firm believers of Social Media as a means for customers to display and connect their most vivid eating experiences. Our gourmet toasts certainly are one of those opportunities while visiting Carmela. Displaying our new offerings in a snap has worked wonders for us.

Broad Appeal

Whether you are in for a quick snack, want to enjoy one of our favorite gourmet toasts, maybe meet someone for a biz meeting, to savor any one of our exquisite iced-teas or if you are up for a special occasion sampling one of our awarded wines, Carmela has it all, setting us apart in a distinctive way.

It Is a Vibrant Industry

“Recovery after the 2020 pandemic impact is expected to achieve growth rates higher than pre-pandemic.”

Increase in consumer confidence and level of economic recovery are basic growth variables. Consumer’s budgetary balances are projected to continuously justify the eat out enjoyment. “The food segment has increased its share of industry revenue, as coffee and snack shop owners have sought to promote the sale of higher-margin food products”. The Carmela business model strategically addresses a medium-high income consumer market that remains strong for the foreseeable years.

Despite the COVID impact, Carmela has demonstrated high level of resilience, being fully prepared to address current restrictions related to workforce availability and supply constrains. Also plans forward to consolidate a strong, dynamic and competitively remunerated payroll.


One of the industry’s fastest-growing segments are  independent coffee shops, which have targeted coffee connoisseurs with high-quality espresso siphoned and filtered coffee beverages.

The industry is expected to grow faster than the previous period at an annualized rate of 3.0% to $54.7 billion over the five years to 2025.

A continual and increased focus on the quality of beans, roasting techniques and refined preparations has fundamentally changed coffee culture.

The type of beans operators use has become a significant point of differentiation among smaller niche shops, with rare blends, fair-trade coffee and organic beans becoming more popular.

Carmela is solidly positioned with the supply of Premium Grade Costa Rican Coffee.

The number and form of iced coffee beverages have also grown as brewing and serving techniques have improved, giving rise to forms that do not compromise flavor, such as cold-brewed coffee.

As a Corporation we´ll work tirelessly to create an iconic brand of coffee.

A Sound Business Decision

Proven Model

Proven Model

Consumer loyalty is a basic variable to define soundness of the business model. Our customers have quickly recognized the value in our offering and have made of the Carmela Stores the “Meeting Point” by choice.
We believe we are in the process of building an iconic brand.

Multiple Revenue Sources

Multiple Revenue Sources

In our mind earnings are king, but everything starts with a solid and ever-increasing revenue.
Realize your entrepreneurial spirit and capabilities to maximize your potential as you become the owner and operator of your own business.



We are a consolidated professional team, geared to maximize profitability, with a holistic view of the business.
A team focused on maintaining a firm grasp on costs and a solid approach towards investments.

strategic trend

Trend as a Strategic Variable

Become part of the eat healthy-live healthy trend, backed with the full support of the corporation in terms of timely new menu additions, coordinated actions and an effective marketing plan.

Technology Driven

Carmela Coffee has adjusted to new consumer behavior…


Delivery Plataforms

Out of Carmela Coffee’s total Revenue, Delivery Sales. (including online orders) represent in average:



we have the benefit and an agile communication with our clients, this allows a delivery on time and ready to go.


Social Media

We have a high impact on our social networks, this allows us to have an approach with the client and a personalized treatment