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Carmela Franchise Process

Learn the three main steps to become a successful Carmela franchise partner.

Step 1: Franchise Agreement

Fill Questionnaire

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Access the fact-finding questionnaire at the bottom of all pages. The objective is to collect basic info to get to know you and your objectives.

Initial Meeting

Legal representatives from both parties get together to review the business model and its economics; likewise, respond to your questions, concerns, or any other matter of interest to the prospect.

FDD Review

The parties get together to review the Carmela Franchise Disclosure Document. It contains the nuts and bolts of the Carmela franchise, guidelines, investments, and detailed performance information.

Clearance Call

After the review of all the required information, a Carmela representative will contact the prospective franchisee to confirm all procedural steps their completion to the satisfaction of both parties’ and to guarantee all parties’ interests are aligned with the objectives of the project.

Discovery Day

This is a Day Visit to an elected facility so the prospect can have the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of the business model.

Franchise Award

Represents the moment of truth when both parties sign the Franchise Agreement.

Step 2: Opening Your Carmela Store

Once you’ve signed your franchise agreement, you’re on your way to bringing Carmela to your community! Before you open the doors to your new Carmela store, there are a few things you’ll need to do to get ready. We’ll be with you each step of the way as you go through these steps during the countdown to Opening Day:

Site Selection

Drawing Development

Permit Submissions

Permit Received / Construction Commence

Certificate of Occupancy / Health Inspection


Grand Opening

Step 3: Corporate Support

Personalized Mentoring

Learn just about anything you need to know to fast track the initiation of your operations. On the job training opportunities will also be available so that the assigned personnel can get first-hand experience on the multiple protocols needed to be enforced in a food service facility environment.

Store Preparation

We offer all the support and experience accumulated through the development of our six previous units. From initial design plans to contractor specifications, all blueprints are available for reference. We can provide the necessary guidance on public permits protocols and help you devise a comprehensive plan for your project.

Worker Acquisition & Administration

We share with you our best practices, experiences, and mechanisms for the administration of your payroll, including scheduling, and payroll systems.

Marketing Plans

Social Media Marketing is center stage of our strategy. We help you formulate your plan and guarantee full interaction with the corporate sponsored marketing actions.